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Liposomal DIM/Chrysin is a proprietary blend (28 mg per serving) of diindolylmethane (commonly known as DIM), extracted from cruciferous vegetables and chrysin, extracted from passionflower, microencapsulated and layered in a highly emulsified lipid sphere. This sphere, a liposome, is able to transport via sublingual
absorption, a hydrophilic substance in a lipophillic capsule to the tissues and release it for absorption. The enzymes in the mouth breakdown the liposome and allow the proprietary blend of DIM and chrysin to be released into the tissue. This process effectively bypasses the gut where absorption for most patients is significantly
limited (Twalle and Associates, British Journal of Pharmacology average absorption of 400 mg oral dose was 3-16ng/mL of plasma). According to the peer literature, liposome absorption is generally greater than 85 percent.

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